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give it all you’ve goat

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And so in 2011, I learned to be a woman who forgives and prays. I have chosen to not remain a woman who sits passively and powerless in anger. Instead, with the Lord’s help, I am learning to be a woman whose guttural response to broken gender interactions is to forgive and pray for the man who hollers. Because anger does nothing to bring change. Yet praying to our God who is powerful and who created gender and created woman is indeed an act of power. In fact, it is a revolutionary act because it places power not in the brokenness of our society and culture, but rather in the hands of Him who is powerful to redeem and restore where our human eyes see only fractured hopelessness.

—Lauren Dubinsky - What I Learned About Anger, Cat-calls & Forgiveness in 2011 (via yesdarlingido)

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